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You are a responsible business, University, Government body, Charity or other institution.
You have Corporate Social Responsibility goals.
You want to do business and operate sustainably.
You are acutely aware of the impact that your business/orgaisation has on our planet, and you want to do more.


What about your company’s/institution’s clothing?
Are you and your work force STILL wearing conventional clothing?
If so, this may mean that you don’t know, for example, where the cotton in your logo’ed polos, sweathirts, hoodies, T-shirts etc comes from.
You don’t know that by not knowing, you could be exacerbating the terrible plight of vulnerable Indian cotton farmers, around 5,000 of whom commit suicide each year because of very low global cotton prices.

Cotton, known as “White Gold

Cotton, known as “White Gold”, is often sold at hideously low prices

You may also be unwittingly turning a blind eye to the harmful effects of the oil-based polyester in your garments.
Your company/institution will thus be directly contributing to global warming.

There Is a Solution…

“SUstainable” Clothing

ALL the cotton in “SUstainable” garments is Fairtrade-certified, which means that the cotton farmers are paid fairly for their cotton, and their communities benefit from the Fairtrade Social Premium…

Fairtrade even provides scholarships for children of cotton farmers

ALL the polyester in our garments is GRS-certified recycled, from human resource waste (plastic bottles etc), which means that rather than damaging you will be helping to protect our planet…

Go on, gain peace of mind…

Take a step towards truly ethical clothing…

Embrace “SUstainable” and enquire about ordering here.

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“…the best quality garments made with Fairtrade cotton I have seen…”

NUS Shop Manager

“..the SUstainable range ticks every box for quality and sustainability. A truly first class ethical clothing range…”

Porsche Club GB

“…these garments can clearly be differentiated in terms of their quality and ethical credentials. Very impressive…”

NUS Shop Manager

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